The Tuneables is an award-winning children's music education DVD and CD series designed to teach the key building blocks of music at a critical time in a child's development.  Sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project, this fun, interactive program engages children in songs and activities that provide a foundation of music understanding and growth in intellectual development. Ages 3-8.

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  • Listening to Background Music Jun 21, 2011 Listening and Reportoire, Music and Intelligence To help prepare your child for active music instruction and learning, play recordings of music by Mozart and others as a background for other activities and rest time when the child is very young.

  • Developing a Sense of Tonality Mar 25, 2011 Tonal Understanding and Singing Parents can help their children learn about tonality in music by listening to a variety of musical compositions and singing a number of songs.

  • Voice Flexibility Mar 11, 2011 Tonal Understanding and Singing Encouraging your child to make high sounds with their voice helps to develop the voice flexibility needed to sing in tune.

  • Imitating Simple Movements Feb 28, 2011 Encourage children to imitate simple movements you make to the beat in music, such as lap-patting.

  • Music by Mozart and Haydn Oct 13, 2010 Listening and Reportoire, Music and Intelligence Play recordings of Classical music daily, such as Eine Kleine Nacht Music by Mozart and The Surprise Symphony by Haydn.

  • Good Vocal Model Jul 15, 2010 Tonal Understanding and Singing If you can provide a good vocal model, encourage children to imitate songs that you sing to them, or you may encourage children to imitate good singing on recordings.

  • Rhythmic Movement Jun 29, 2010 Rhythm and Movement, Listening and Reportoire Encourage rhythmic movement such as lap patting, clapping, marching, or playing simple percussion instruments while singing songs, playing musical games, and listening to music.

  • Effective Musical Instruction Jun 14, 2010 Music and Intelligence Find music instruction in audio/video formats or in classes that engages your young child in an appropriate and effective sequence of cognitive and performance skills.

  • Compare Musical Patterns May 18, 2010 Rhythm and Movement, Tonal Understanding and Singing Perform two rhythm patterns or two tonal patterns and help the child know if they are alike or different.

  • Imitate Simple Patterns May 04, 2010 Rhythm and Movement, Tonal Understanding and Singing Teach your child to imitate simple rhythm patterns with clapping or patting movements and imitate simple melodic patterns with the singing voice.

  • Engage Your Child In Music Making Apr 22, 2010 Rhythm and Movement, Tonal Understanding and Singing Find opportunities throughout the day to engage your child in music making activities including singing, clapping or marching to the beat of music, and playing rhythms on simple percussion instruments.

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